Spiritual Roots Of Heart Disease

What are the spiritual roots of heart disease?

Short answerThe spiritual roots of heart disease can be traced to the state of our spiritual heart, which is linked to our physical heart. It’s believed that we are not just comprised of a body and a mind but also a spiritual component, which can impact our overall health.


In our modern society, the belief that we are simply a combination of a body and a mind is prevalent and very rarely questioned.

Our bodies are supposed to live a certain amount of years, and depending on our gene predisposition and our outside environment, our bodies will survive for longer or shorter periods of time.

There is also, of course, the amount of exercise we undertake and how well we eat.

Sure, all of these factors have a weight on our general health and life span, but they are far from being the whole picture.

Modern medicine has been very slowly realizing the power of our minds over our bodies, and although it isn’t yet the common rule, more and more doctors are now bringing the patient’s state of mind into account when making a diagnosis.

They now accept that if you live in constant anxiety, your body will not heal itself the way it’s supposed to.

The cells won’t regenerate as fast, and you will be more prone to diseases. However, if you live in an inner environment of peace and joy, your body will respond quicker and more efficiently to any disruptions, allowing for natural self-healing to kick in.The Spiritual Cause of Heart Problems

But what if I told you that we are not only comprised of a body and a mind but that we also have a spiritual component?

And what if that spiritual component is also a factor weighing on your overall health?

We are in no way two-dimensional beings, in fact, we are a combination of body, mind, and spirit.

Our body is very intelligent, and it’s able to store emotions within itself. It’s able to keep emotional imprints that go back to not only our early formative years but back to the womb and before the birth of the particular body we currently inhabit.

We carry our own and our ancestors’ traumas around us for many lifetimes, transferring them from body to body and constantly relieving old patterns.

These conditions affect our whole being and can even manifest as physical diseases.

Spiritual roots of heart disease:The Spiritual Cause of Heart Problems

The heart is the most important organ in our bodies, it allows us to feel happiness and love.

When our heart is unhealthy, our whole life seems to have a lack of meaning, and depression quickly sets in.

The physical heart is connected to our spiritual heart, which is the supreme consciousness, the seat of our Soul, and our connection to the Divine.

The traumas and pain we have gone through for so many lives have clouded the spiritual heart, rendering it lifeless in constant fear, stress, and worry.

No wonder heart disease is the number 1 in the world. But there is a way to heal not just our hearts but the whole body and, with it, the world.

Blocked heart symptomsThe Spiritual Cause of Heart Problems

First, we need to look at our spiritual hearts to find how healthy or blocked they really are.

Here is a small list of symptoms of a blocked heart. Do you suffer from any of these?

  1. Physical symptoms such as tightness of the heart or heavy chest.
  2. Lack of joy and happiness
  3. Constant remembering of the good old times or longing for a better future
  4. You put your needs after everyone else’s
  5. Inability to feel emotions or too emotional
  6. You are used to putting yourself down and have difficulty accepting yourself as you are
  7. Negative thought patterns, criticizing, and judgment

How to heal your heartThe Spiritual Cause of Heart Problems

The traumas we experience, causing our hearts to close down, are not a problem in themselves.

They only become a problem when we don’t address our emotions and instead repress or deny them.

Human beings have been taught that pain is to be avoided at all times, but although this is the perfect advice for physical pain, it does not apply to the emotional kind.

Facing emotional pain is difficult, and we avoid it as much as possible, fearing it may increase to an unbearable point, stay with us forever, or ultimately kill us. But the funny thing is that emotional pain is only hard when you first look at it, after which it gradually dissipates and finally sets you free.

Avoiding the pain only creates a separation between the parts of your being that are in pain and need attention. They will keep calling for your attention and hurting until you agree to look at them and accept them as part of your experience.

The monster under the bed is only scary until you look at it and see that it is just your shoes in the darkness of night.

The so-called monster caused so many sleepless nights, terrorized you, and kept you in fear, but once you looked at it, it completely lost its power, and you were forever free.

I’ll leave you with a few exercises that will help you heal your spiritual heart and diminish the probability of physical heart disease.

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Exercises to heal your spiritual heartThe Spiritual Cause of Heart Problems

  1. Sit in silence for a few moments, close your eyes, and take a couple of deep breaths. Focus your attention on your spiritual heart center, right in the middle of your chest. Imagine it as a beautiful flower that blossoms and opens up with every breath you take in. See the beauty of the flower, let it open completely, and allow yourself to be present in this contemplation. Know that this flower is the symbol of your soul, the divine link to the whole universe. Feel the love emanating from that beautiful flower and know that it is always there for you.
  2. Go for a walk in nature and admire the life sprouting everywhere. Let the beauty of life enter your heart, and look at all that is surrounding you in wonder. Let the miracle of life slowly enter your heart.
  3. Focus your attention on the spiritual heart for a couple of minutes every day. Acknowledge that it is the seat of your soul and tell it you appreciate it. After all, your life sprouted from this beautiful essence. With practice, this exercise becomes easier, and you’ll be able to feel the love growing within your heart.
  4. Consider working with a spiritual or life coach to guide you through the maze of your emotions and feelings.

These simple exercises can bring you a sense of internal peace and joy, your physical heart will thank you for that as it will keep beating its way into perfect health.

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