What Are Rakhe Rakhan Har Mantra Meditation Benefits?

Rakhay Rakhan Har is a soothing prayer given by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, the 5th Guru of the Sikhs.

He was the embodiment of selfless service, Godly devotion, and universal love.

Guru Arjan was the treasure of celestial wisdom and spiritual excellence.

This Kundalini mantra is part of The Aquarian Sadhana.

Sadhana represents a daily spiritual practice.

It is also about setting a daily routine and building discipline.

The Aquarian Sadhana mantras are powerful mantras that can be recited at any time of the day or night.

These mantras are especially used for morning sadhana, but also for personal enjoyment.

The Aquarian Sadhana benefits:

  • dissolves the obstacles to fulfilling one’s destiny;
  • clears the way for happiness to enter your life by removing sorrow and pain from your heart;
  • this spiritual practice is a victory song that allows us to be guided by God’s graceful and merciful hand.

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Mantra lyrics:

„Rakhay rakhanhaar aap ubaariun

Gur kee pairee paa-eh kaaj savaariun

Hoaa aap dayaal manho na visaariun

Saadh janaa kai sung bhavjal taariun

Saakat nindak dusht khin maa-eh bidaariun

Tis saahib kee tayk naanak manai maa-eh

Jis simrat sukh ho-eh sagalay dookh jaa-eh.”

Rakhe Rakhan Har mantra meaning:

“O Savior Lord, Save us all and take us across. Uplifting and giving the excellence,

You gave us the Touch of the Lotus Feet of the Guru, and our works are embellished with perfection.

You have become Merciful, Kind and Compassionate. And so our mind does not forget you.

In the Company of the Holy, you carry us Across from misfortune, calamities, and disrepute.

The Godless, slanderous enemies – you finish them off in an instant.

That Lord Master is my Anchor and Support. O Nanak, hold firm in my mind.

Remembering Him in meditation, happiness comes, and all sorrows and pain simply vanish.”

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