Blue Green Aura: Meaning

What is the meaning of a blue-green aura?


There’s a special type of healer who emits the most beautiful blue-green aura color.

Not seen by the human eye, auras are personal energy fields.

Made up of a spectrum of colors, auras are different for each person, animal, or another living soul.

We often think that our aura defines our personality, but really, they speak about the essence of a soul. This can be explained as how that person shows up in the world and how they may be perceived by others.

Blue-green auras are considered rare; it combines both colors to give us a harmonious energy with special meaning for those who radiate it.

These souls shine brightly in the world and attract luck and opportunity. Let’s divulge into the true meaning of a blue green aura.

What is an Aura?What is the meaning of a blue green aura

An aura is typically defined as an unseen energy field that surrounds a person or any type of living being.

A person’s aura color will give information on who they are at their core.

Although aura colors can change depending on the physical or emotional state, they can also remain constant for those who are deeply rooted in their spiritual practice.

The intensity of someone’s aura energy can be strong or weak, depending on who they are.

A blue-green aura, for example, is a very strong color to have because they are healers; this gives them the ability to attract others into their energy space with ease.

It’s believed that our aura color determines our personality, which is not entirely true.

The meaning of each aura color speaks about how that person shows up in the world and how they are perceived by others.

How Do We See Auras?blue and green aura meaning

A person’s aura is not something that can be seen with the human eye.

It’s something we must train our third eye, or intuition, to sense.

Everyone reads energy in their unique way, so there is no wrong way to read someone’s energy.

The color of an aura may be a gut feeling. Some sensitive individuals may see visions in their mind or associate certain pictures with colors.

Who Can See Auras?

Everyone can see aura colors; it just depends on how well-trained the person is.

With years of experience, sensing another person’s aura color will become green aura meaning

Exercises for Reading Auras

  1. Rub your palms together until you create some heat. You may feel a tingling sensation in your palms while doing so. After some time, slowly pull your hands apart; you should feel some resistance. Concentrate your mind’s eye on the space between your hands as you pull them apart. Any colors that come through as a vision or gut feeling is your aura color.
  2. Have a friend stand against a light-colored wall or background, preferably white. Squint your eyes slightly and focus on the outline of the person’s body. The energy field that surrounds it will look like an outline around the body made up of one color or a mixture. You can also take a photo with the flash on and see if you can see the aura color of your subject.
  3. Take one hand and hold it up against a light-colored wall or background. While holding your hand up, place your focus on the outline of your hand. Don’t stare directly at the hand but rather relax your gaze until you notice the faint outline that surrounds it. From here, you may intuitively guess your aura color or the outline will have a certain color to you.

Aura Color Key Aspects:blue-green aura meaning

  • Red: Relates to the heart and circulatory system. Strong-willed and stable but can give in anger when operating from a lower vibration. These individuals are bold and highly competitive. Red Auras are often seen as extroverted with a large network of people.
  • Yellow: Yellow Auras have a strong presence; they are the people that leave a lasting impression on everyone they meet. Has strong intuition and can be seen as the analytical type. Very smart, pick up skills quickly, and despises being controlled.
  • Orange: Those with an Orange Aura are seen as warm, friendly individuals. They instantly make people feel comfortable in their presence. Orange Auras are trustworthy and are not ones for gossip. Some may perceive them as over-dramatic, but they are just sensitive creatures.
  • Green: Deeply rooted in earth energy Green Aura people are reserved, calm, and introspective. They are the natural peacekeepers of the world and are deeply affected by chaos. Green Auras are creative, often expressing themselves through some form of art.
  • Blue: Creates strides in the world with their endless curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Blue Auras love debates and hearing different perspectives. They make great communicators and are highly intuitive.
  • Purple: Purple Auras have a mysteriousness about them. They are our mystics who hold natural psychic abilities. Often perceived as someone who is unique and well-liked in their community.

Blue Green Aura Meaningwhat does a blue green aura mean

Combining earthy green with the inquisitive blue, we get a harmonious blend of energies that are perceived as rare natural healers. Blue Green Auras have a soothing energy while helping get to the root cause of the issue.

Those with this aura color combination are deep, complex individuals.

Their mind is a vast library full of knowledge and wisdom.

Blue Green Auras are story tellers; they have a deep understanding of how the world truly works on an energetic level.

They are master manifesters due to being a powerful force of nature.

Anything they put their mind to, they can bring into their life.

Blue-green auras are expressive; they make beautiful art and tend to be the best writers.

Those with a blue-green aura are highly sensitive people on both a spiritual and emotional level.

They feel deeply and need alone time to fully recharge after being around other people.

Without this alone time, they are prone to be irritable or hit the point of exhaustion quicker.

Blue Green Auras can read the energy of a room but also tend to bring energies home with them because of it.

Along with their spiritual side, they are also very intelligent. Blue Green Auras pick up new skills quickly and make everything they do look effortless.

A blue green aura is logical and detail-oriented, always being sure to double-check their every move. They can be hard on themselves if they make a mistake. These perfectionist qualities can lead to burnout which is something this aura type must remain aware of.

Communication comes easy for the blue-green aura. They have empathy for people and can help sort through problems or work through tough emotions. Blue-green auras hold a comforting energy which makes them the best friends to have.

Blue Green Aura – Career

Since blue green auras are the healers of the world, their career choice matches this characteristic.

Some popular career types of a blue green aura are nurses, massage therapists, psychologists, teachers, and public speakers.   

They shine in careers where they can show off their effective communication skills.

When it comes to their career, they don’t perform well when micro-managed. Instead, they need the freedom to be who they are and know they are trusted to make decisions.

Blue green auras also excel in entrepreneurship. Their ability to take on a wide variety of tasks makes them successful business owners. Those with a blue green aura prefer to work for themselves rather than answer to someone else. They are wise leaders and make trusted business partners.

At the end of the day, blue green auras have the desire to help people. They care less about money and more about making others happy. Blue green auras are balanced and navigate struggles with ease.

Love Life of Blue Green Aura

Someone with a blue green aura attracts all types of people.

They have magnetic energy which can sometimes be an issue when it comes to their love life.

Blue green auras tend to attract energy vampires or people who take advantage of the healing energy they emit.

A blue green aura has a lot of admirers; people love the way they view the world.

Their words hold value and weight. They are often the friend people turn to when they need support because they know a blue green aura has a comforting energy.

It’s important for a blue green aura to protect themselves from lovers who may take advantage of their healing nature. They deserve a partner who nurtures all sides of them and understands how powerful of a force they are.

Blue green auras make the most amazing partners. They are receptive to their partners’ needs and give unconditional love. The support received from a blue green aura is unmatched; they will always push for their romantic partners to be the best version of themselves.

Blue Green Aura is Healing

A blue green aura is a harmonious combination of both colors that gives us a powerful healer.

This aura color attracts people from all walks of life; they allow those around them to feel comfortable in their skin.

Their analytical mind allows them to see the world from a different perspective and invites others to share their viewpoints of the world.

If you have a blue green aura, it’s essential that you take care of yourself and remember to put yourself first.

Being the empathetic person you are, you tend to take on too much.

Establishing boundaries will be an important lesson.

Be comfortable in your unique healing powers and share them when you feel called.

Frequently Asked Questions Blue Green Aura

What type of crystals are best for a blue green aura?

Those with a blue green aura should always have some sort of protective crystal in their pocket or on their nightstand.

Black Obsidian is a powerful cleansing crystal, meaning it will dispel any negative energies that may linger in a room or energy field.

Another crystal for a blue green aura is amethyst.

Carrying around amethyst crystal will strengthen the connection to our intuition and clear any fog from the mind.

Having either of these crystals will help protect a blue aura’s precious energy.

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How should a person with a blue-green aura protect their energy?

If you have a blue green aura, there are a few simple ways to protect unwanted energy from draining you.

You may cleanse your space by burning herbs and incense.

While wafting the smoke around your space, you can say a protection prayer out loud or in your head to set your intention for cleansing.

Another way to protect your energy is to set up a crystal grid around your room or home.

If you decide to make the grid around your room, then you need 4-6 black tourmaline crystals to place in different corners.

Start by placing a crystal in each corner; if you have some extra, place some by your window or bed for an added layer of protection.

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What are tips for people with a blue green aura?

A person with a blue green aura can get lost in their mission if they take on too many obligations.

They always want to help others and make life easier, which often leads to them having a more chaotic life because of it.

Blue green auras are capable and quick learners, which can land them opportunities wherever they go.

An important tip for a person with a blue green aura is to remain balanced.

Establish a routine that serves and nourishes you first. This can be as simple as having a daily meditation ritual or taking time to unplug from technology.

Whenever you feel out of touch with your intuition, take a step back and recharge.

A blue green aura feels all types of energy throughout the day and may need extra time to rest.

Feeling out of touch means there is some type of blockage, whether that be another energy or yourself.

To operate at your full potential, it’s important that any blocks be worked through.

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