Fringe Dweller: 10 Traits And Signs – Are You One?

Fringe Dweller 10 Traits And Signs - Are You One

”Fringe Dwellers are people who don’t fit the norm… These spiritual fringe dwellers usually have an alignment to the Universal God, which comes from their own sense of Spirit… If you are a spiritual Fringe Dweller – or if you are becoming one – the first point of reconciliation is to admit it… Wake up to the weirdo within you and don’t apologize for it. Just be it.” – Stuart Wilde, a British writer.

Here are 10 fringe dweller characteristics:

#1 They have inner powerwoman doing a zen meditation

Many of them have inner power and strength and while it is essential that we learn to see our value, it is also important not to believe that their characteristics make them more special than others.

This only breeds further elitism and isolation, that is counter-intuitive, because, at a basic level, we are all one – we’re all inter-connected. Deep healing comes from harmonizing and balancing with that energy around us, not creating estrangement from it.

#2 They are highly intuitiveman taking a bath in his home

They experience the world through their intuition. It is crucial for them to develop their intuition and listen to their sixth sense about other persons.

They can see things with precise clarity in their mind’s eye. The more they become in tune with their ability the stronger this trait can become. Also, this ability grants them the opportunity to help people heal.

#3 They strive to learn and to seek the truth

They spend a lot of time researching and reading subjects that interest them. They also like to dig deep to really get at the core of the matter, and they’re not satisfied until they do.

This characteristic becomes more prevalent when the fringe dweller discovers her/his gifts. Anything untruthful feels plain wrong.

#4 They don’t live a false life of illusionmany hands in an illusion

What we know about the outside world has been granted to us by means of our five senses: what our ears can hear, our eyes can see, our tongue can taste, our nose can smell, and our hands can touch and feel. They refuse to accept the illusions. They also look for others who possess identical characteristics and find those that weren’t restricted by their reality.

#5 They are drawn to herbal remedies and holistic therapies

They are drawn to the healing arts as a method to understand themselves and to help others. Furthermore, as the planetary and cosmic energies continue to intensify, their need to practice good self-care becomes even more important.

Nevertheless, some of them will wish to avoid these trades because of the overpowering energies that can come from them.

#6 They are striving for excellenceman striving for excellence exercise

They believe that in order to be their best selves, they should get the most out of it. On the other hand, when they strive for perfection, they are concentrating on something that is so good, that it can’t get any better.

But the risk is that they will never get there because they are setting their goal so high and the possibility of failure is high, especially when they don’t complete the task perfectly.

#7 They respect life

When they demonstrate respect for others, they give value to their ideals and being. Moreover, they’ll make someone feel good by granting them true respect.

#8 They are creativewoman being creative

Many of them seem to be bursting with creativity and seek out new and exciting methods to creatively express themselves. They also have a gift for creating, paired with a vivid imagination. Anything from music, photography, drawing, painting, writing, acting, or dancing catches their attention and becomes a domain of interest.

#9 They are replenished in naturebeautiful woman in nature

Nature and the outdoors are particularly important for them to feel grounded and to have peace of mind. As an interesting fact, many find nature to be much calmer than the human world. Water is especially helpful for them to release their burdens and they take refuge in the presence of the ocean or other bodies of water.

#10 They are unbounded by rigid beliefs

Rigidity is resistance and resistance will shut them down, block the flow of their life and stop any miracles from occurring. Their beliefs create a state of mind that dictates their life, relationships, health, and how their experiences unfold and how they perceive them.

If you can say yes to most or all of the above traits then you are most definitely a fringe dweller.

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