Thought as Energy – How Can Poor Mental Health Affect Your Physical Health

Thought as Energy - How Can Poor Mental Health Affect Your Physical Health

We live in a physical atmosphere that varies depending on climatic conditions and the quality of air. At the same time, we are surrounded by a non-physical world, which can not be seen, heard, or measured, but can be perceived and influenced by our mind.

This subtle atmosphere is called vibration and is defined as a dominant predisposition. The cause of this atmosphere, of these unseen vibrations, is the thought. Our thoughts are powerful energy, although invisible, which can influence other souls and their physical bodies (the matter). Thoughts, emotions, desires, our mental states, they all generate a field around us. Like the electric field, this field can be positive, negative or neutral, depending on its effect on the matter and other souls. When a large number of souls generate positive thoughts, feelings, and emotions, the atmosphere is positively charged. When these souls experience negative emotions, the opposite occurs.

Our thoughts, intentions, and attitudes influence our destiny. Each action is preceded by a thought, that turns into an intention and ends in concrete action and a certain type of behavior. Depending on the intention and attitude we materialize, this action will return to us in a positive, negative, or neutral form. This law of cause and effect is immutable and no one can defy it, as it functions every time we think, feel, or act.

For example, if we have a negative thought before going to bed in the evening and we focus on it, the next day we will get up depressed, angry, with a headache and lack of energy. Therefore, we will have a bad day, and our immune system will be weakened, making us vulnerable to diseases.

Our thoughts don’t not only affect us, but also those around us, mainly children and animals, because they can easily absorb these vibrations. All parents have noticed that their children instinctively keep a distance or instantly as a person when they first meet her. The same way, pet owners don’t trust a certain person if their pet doesn’t like her, reacting by avoiding or growling, because they know that animals are very sensitive in regard to people.

People with positive vibrations have good thoughts and intentions, which are perceived by our subconscious. Therefore, we like them and look for their company. On the other hand, people with negative vibrations carry anger, hatred, envy, arrogance, and we start to avoid them because we don’t feel at ease in their presence, even if we are not aware of the reason why.

Through our thoughts, we can materialize three types of actions:

  • Impure actions;
  • Pure actions;
  • Neutral actions.

Impure actions are those influenced by negative intentions such as anger, rage, vengeance, dishonesty, greed, jealousy.

Pure actions are influenced by positive and clear intentions, like kindness, forgiveness, joy, peace, love, humility, generosity, empathy.

Finally, neutral actions are dictated by intentions that are neither clearly positive nor negative. These don’t lead to a negative or positive result, as everything remains as it was. For instance, if we intend to do something that would benefit more people, but we don’t succeed, we won’t receive a negative effect because our intention was good. Instead, if we take action with a clear intention of revenge, to hurt somebody, but for some reason, this action doesn’t affect the targeted person the way we wanted, we will receive the negative energy we sent in the Universe.

In other words, we seed our intentions, attitudes, and actions in the Universe and later we harvest the results, thus shaping our destiny. Therefore, we must cleanse our souls of negative intentions and actions. It is the only way to harvest the sweet fruits of the good seeds.

Nature has gifted each of us with the most powerful tool: the mind. If we learn to use it in the right direction, it will lead us to a happy life. Unfortunately, humans waste too much time comparing themselves to others and trying to control every aspect of life in their obsessive pursuit of success and wealth. Finally, we must realize that we can not fully control our destiny. However, our thoughts can minimize the chances of experiencing negative events, that disturb life’s harmony.

Here are some of them:

What you do: Your actions belong to you. You choose whether to take them or not, therefore you are the only one responsible for their effects.

What you say: The words you speak or write are consciously your choice. Like your actions, they have an impact on your life and those around you.

What you think: Yes, it’s true that there are thoughts that come from your subconscious, which you can not control, but there are also the things you consciously think about – beliefs, ideas, plans – these are all thoughts that you have accepted and adopted. Turn them into actions only after you have carefully analyzed their effect on your future.

Your job: Regarding this topic, most people think they are helpless, because it’s much easier to tell yourself: “I don’t have connections, I have no choice, I have no experience, I don’t have the necessary qualification, I’m unlucky”, and so on. It’s the easiest way to disclaim any liability for choosing an unsatisfactory job. In fact, you have chosen it and it is still your choice if you stay or look for another job that will give you satisfaction and fulfillment.

People you hang out with: “It’s hard to learn to fly like an eagle when you’re surrounded by chickens”. Absolutely right! Your friends can lift you or lower you, depending on their level. Choosing your friends and other people around you is your responsibility.

Your physical health: Only a small part of your health can be influenced by genetic and environmental factors, or involuntary exposure to certain toxins. For the most part, your health is based on your decisions – what you eat, what you drink, how much exercise you do, how you sleep. If you prefer to ignore the rules of a healthy life and you get sick, you must accept your choices.

The environment: Your house, the town you live in, facilities you have access to or not, are all things you can control more or less. Only you can decide whether to tolerate inconveniences or to move elsewhere, improving the quality of your life.

Your finances: Having or not enough money is up to you, your earnings versus your expenses. No one can push you towards “insolvency” without your participation.

Your time: You decide how to spend your time and how much of it you dedicate to each activity. Nobody can offer you more than 24 hours in a day to do what you have planned.

Your legacy: “A positive thought that lacks a positive action is a positive loss of time”, said a waggish guru. All the good thoughts, words, deeds, and knowledge in your life will be your gift to others after you have left this world.

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