The Spiritual Meaning of a Pair of Doves

What is the spiritual meaning of a pair of doves?


Doves, in particular white doves, have become one of the most recognizable spirit animals across the world, most strongly connected with love due to their tendency to mate for life.

They have gentle and compassionate energy and are widely used within spiritual imagery.

Although there are different varieties of doves, the white dove is the most commonly referred to when discussing spirit animals and spirituality, and their simplicity in color and beautiful, serene appearance signifies importance in itself.

Natural beauties, doves do not need to try in order to be admired, they are almost angelic in their appearance, calling to mind innocence and purity when observed.

What it means to see a pair of doves

Of all the spirit animals to see, the dove is certainly one of the most positive.

With their pure and clean appearance, their positive historical connotations, and their spiritual energy, they bring with them good omens.

To see a pair of doves often can be a sign from the Universe, your guides, or Angels that they are very fiercely watching over and protecting you.

Sometimes, we need a little extra protection and guidance and this can be true when you are seeing any symbol or particular image, word, number, etc. often, but to see a pair of doves frequently really is signifying a deep message of love and protection.

If so, make sure to be taking care of yourself both mentally and physically, and be aware of any deep emotions flowing through you.

As well as this, you could be seeing a pair of doves as a powerful reminder that invites you to connect more deeply with your spiritual journey.

Perhaps you have been ignoring your intuition or not honoring your highest self by living in a way that isn’t serving you.

Check in whenever you see this beautiful reminder and ensure you are leading yourself towards a life that you wish to be living.

Doves and relationships

To see a pair of doves could be asking you to look deeper into your relationships – platonic or romantic.

Perhaps you have been feeling the urge to connect more deeply with those around you but have been wondering how to do this?

Take the sign from the doves that it’s time to just go for it – stop overthinking and get in touch or send them a letter in the post to let them know you’re thinking about them.

Your angels are sending you this sign because it’s the time to act, so nurture and cherish your relationships to ensure their longevity.

Doves are a symbol of truth, purity, and love, so to see them when you are in a committed relationship is a really good sign – your partner is also committed and completely in the relationship with you.

Their priority is you, fidelity is important to them, and this could be the love of your life! If you’re single and looking for love, doves are also a good sign.

They have a very distinct way of courting and are very purposeful when they wish to attract a mate, so if someone is showing interest in you and being clear with their intentions, believe them because they’re being truthful.

Doves are often used as a symbol when someone is getting married, sometimes going as far as to have a pair of doves included in the ceremony to represent the spiritual connection and unity between the two joining together.

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Doves in hard times meaning of doves appearing

If you have been going through a difficult time in any aspect of life, to see doves is a sure sign that the hardship is over – you can relax because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

They’re an indication of peace, relaxation, and harmony, and it may be that you’re seeing them so that you can start to look for ways to help these situations come to a head.

Yes, sometimes things will get worse before they get better, but be assured by this symbol that it’s almost done.

The dove holds a special sort of energy, one that is calming and restorative, and particularly if you see any imagery of a dove with an olive branch in its mouth, as they are often pictured, take this as a very strong sign from your guides that the storm is over.

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Dream interpretation of doves

To see doves in your dreams can add extra significance, and to see a pair of doves can be a very strong sign that you are either with or will soon find, the love of your life.

Much with seeing them in real life, in dreams, they are also a representation of partnership and happiness.

You could also be seeing doves in your dreams because your guides want you to know that you are doing well on your journey to inner peace and growth.

To see them regularly in your dreams is indicating that you are evolving on your spiritual journey – the pair of doves could be a symbol reminding you to harness the advice and guidance of your angels in order to ascend even further, to work in conjunction with them rather than on your own, to reach your best self.

The doves appearing in your dreams could also be a sign that children are on their way into your life, as doves are often regarded as very good parents and symbols of hope.

If you’ve been trying for a baby and have the doves appearing in your dreams regularly, know that you are on the right track and that what you desire is coming – don’t give up.

Finally, the appearance of a pair of doves in your life could also be indicating an incredible partnership and wholeness with yourself. Romantic relationships are a beautiful addition to life, but they do not have to be the end game.

To create a fulfilling, content, and happy relationship within is truly the most beautiful thing you can do, so use the symbolism and guidance of the dove spirit animal to help you get to a place of inner peace and true self-love every day.

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