Tears From Left And Right Eye: Spiritual Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of tears from the left and right eye?

Short answerTears, whether from the left or right eye, carry spiritual significance in various cultures. Tears from the left eye are often associated with feelings of sadness, mercy, and compassion, symbolizing divine feminine energy. Conversely, tears from the right eye are interpreted as signs of divine blessings, a desire for healing, health, and sometimes happiness or longing.


Tears, a universal symbol of human emotion, act as a silent language, transcending the barriers of speech and culture.

They are proof of our ability to feel deeply, to love, to grieve, to empathize, and to rejoice. However, tears are not just the body’s response to emotional stimuli; they have spiritual implications that often go unnoticed.

This article inquires into the spiritual meaning of tears from both eyes, providing a fresh perspective on this common yet extraordinary human experience.

The Biology of Tears: A Prelude to Their Spiritual SignificanceTears From Left And Right Eye Spiritual Meaning

Tears are our body’s spontaneous response to various feelings – from the depths of sorrow to the heights of joy.

But beyond their emotional quotient, tears have a fascinating biological story to tell, one that sets the stage for understanding their spiritual significance.

Tears originate from the lacrimal glands located above our eyes.

These glands work tirelessly, producing continuous tears that serve multiple essential functions.

First and foremost, tears act as a natural lubricant, ensuring our eyes remain moist and comfortable. They also offer a protective layer, guarding our eyes against irritants like dust and debris.

However, the biology of tears becomes even more intriguing when we consider emotional tears – those shed in response to strong feelings. Unlike their counterparts produced due to physical irritants, emotional tears possess a unique composition.

Not only do they contain enzymes, lipids, electrolytes, and metabolites, but they also carry additional proteins and hormones. This distinct makeup suggests a role far beyond mere eye protection.

Among the most compelling components of emotional tears are stress hormones and endorphins. As the name suggests, stress hormones are typically released during physical or emotional stress.

Their presence in tears indicates a potential mechanism through which the body could attempt to balance its internal state during heightened emotions.

Endorphins, on the other hand, are our body’s natural painkillers. Often released during exercise, excitement, pain, and yes, even while crying4, endorphins interact with the receptors in our brain to reduce the perception of discomfort.

Their presence in tears hints at the soothing effect crying can have, providing a biological basis for why we often feel better after a good cry.

Crying, mainly due to emotional reasons, has been proposed to trigger social bonding and human connection. This theory, known as the social or interpersonal theory of crying, suggests that tears serve as a non-verbal signal to others, conveying our emotional state and soliciting support.

The Alchemy of Tears: Transmuting Pain into GrowthTears From Left And Right Eye Spiritual Meaning

Tears are the language of the soul, expressing what words often can’t.

They flow in times of joy, sorrow, frustration, or pain, signifying the depth of emotion that human beings are capable of experiencing.

However, society has often stigmatized crying, especially when it is a response to pain or sorrow, labeling it as a sign of weakness or vulnerability. But this perspective fails to recognize the transformative power inherent in tears, mainly those shed during hardship.

In many spiritual traditions, tears are seen not as a sign of defeat but as a symbol of a profound internal process. This process can be likened to alchemy – the ancient belief in the possibility of transforming base metals into gold. Except, in this context, the transformation is not physical but emotional, turning pain into strength.

When we cry out of pain or sorrow, we acknowledge our suffering.

Acknowledgment is the first step to healing because we cannot heal what we do not recognize. By shedding tears, we are permitting ourselves to feel the pain, to sit with it, and to understand it.

This is an integral part of the healing process because it allows us to confront our pain instead of avoiding it.

Tears also have a cleansing effect. Just as rain cleanses the earth, tears cleanse our emotions. They wash away the pain, the bitterness, the resentment, leaving behind a clean slate.

This is where growth begins. Once we have let go of the pain, we create space for new, positive emotions to take root. This is how we grow stronger and wiser from our experiences.

The Elixir of Joy: Celebrating Life with TearsTears From Left And Right Eye Spiritual Meaning

Tears, often associated with pain and sorrow, are equally an expression of joy, laughter, and happiness.

They are the silent witnesses to our most profound emotions, flowing freely in moments that stir our souls and touch our hearts. In the spiritual context, these tears carry a unique significance.

They represent an outpouring of joy and a celebration of life itself.

When we cry out of joy, we are acknowledging the beauty of life in its rawest form.

These tears flow when we are moved by a breathtaking sunset, a piece of music that resonates with our soul, or a heartfelt gesture of love. They express deep appreciation for the beauty around us and within us.

Tears of joy also symbolize our ability to cherish life’s blessings.

Whether it’s the birth of a child, a long-awaited reunion, or an achievement that we’ve worked hard for these tear-filled moments are our heart’s way of expressing gratitude. In a world where we often take things for granted, tears of joy remind us to pause, breathe, and appreciate the good in our lives.

The Sacred Tears of Compassion: Empathy in Liquid FormTears From Left And Right Eye Spiritual Meaning

Tears are not just a personal experience; they can also be shared.

When we cry in response to another person’s joy or pain, we express empathy – the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. These tears, usually called tears of compassion, hold a special place in spirituality.

Compassionate tears are our capacity to transcend our own experiences and connect with those of others.

When we see someone in pain, we feel their suffering. When we see someone rejoicing, we share in their happiness.

These tears are born from recognizing our common humanity and the understanding that we all experience joy, sorrow, love, and loss.

In spirituality, tears of compassion symbolize our interconnectedness. They reflect the belief that we are not isolated beings but part of a larger whole.

Each tear we shed for another person is a drop in the ocean of collective human experience.

This interconnectedness instills a sense of responsibility towards each other, reminding us that we are not alone in our journey through life.

The Tears of Longing: A Desire for ConnectionTears From Left And Right Eye Spiritual Meaning

Tears often flow when we experience a deep sense of longing or yearning.

This longing could be for a loved one who is no longer with us, a dream yet to be realized, or a spiritual aspiration we strive to attain.

While tinged with a sense of loss or unfulfilled desire, these tears hold profound significance within them.

When we cry out of longing, our tears serve as a mirror, reflecting our deepest desires and ambitions.

They give voice to the silent yearnings of our heart, bringing them to the surface where they can no longer be ignored.

In doing so, they make us confront these desires, compelling us to acknowledge and address them.

The Liberating Tears: Letting Go and Moving Forward

Tears, in all their silent eloquence, sometimes act as a means of release.

They flow when we let go of past hurts, regrets, or fears, acting as a cleansing river that washes away the residue of our past.

These liberating tears are more than just a physical manifestation of emotional release; they symbolize our readiness to move forward and embrace new possibilities.

When we shed tears of release, we are making a silent declaration.

We are saying that we are willing to let go of what no longer serves us, to forgive ourselves and others, and to leave behind the weight of our past.

These tears, while they may stem from pain, are not about dwelling on that pain. Instead, they are about acknowledging it, releasing it, and allowing ourselves to heal.

The Divine Tears: A Connection with the Higher Self

Tears can sometimes hold a divine significance.

Tears shed during prayer, meditation, or spiritual experiences are considered sacred in several spiritual traditions worldwide.

They signify a divine connection, a bridge between our earthly existence and a higher realm.

When we shed these divine tears, we are expressing our higher self.

Our higher self is that part of us that is connected to the divine, the part that transcends our human limitations and connects with the universal consciousness.

These tears manifest this connection, a physical expression of a spiritual experience.

Spiritual Meaning of Tears from the Right Eye

Tears from the right eye are commonly interpreted as a sign of divine blessings or a desire for healing and staying healthy. They symbolize emotional healing, signifying the release of negative emotions and making space for love, compassion, and forgiveness. These tears can also reflect happiness or a longing for someone.

Spiritual Meaning of Tears from the Left Eye

Tears from the left eye often carry a different connotation. They are associated with sadness and are sometimes viewed as a spiritual gift of mercy and compassion. In some cultures, tears from the left eye symbolize the divine feminine energy, which is nurturing, compassionate, and deeply intuitive. Shedding these tears can signify tapping into this energy and embracing its qualities.


Tears, in all their forms, are a testament to our capacity for deep emotion, empathy, and spiritual connection.

They are a mirror, reflecting our inner world, our hopes, fears, joys, and sorrows.

By understanding the spiritual significance of tears, we can begin to view them not as a sign of weakness but as a symbol of strength and growth.


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