Andromedan Starseed: Traits, Birthmarks, Mission

What are the traits, birthmarks, and mission of Andromedan Starseed?


All souls have their source in the divine.

Yours and mine.

And the signs pointing to the cosmic origin of our seemingly material existence are abundant.

You can look up.

You can look inward.

When you look up you may see the stars.

When you look inward you may feel a sense of longing; of seeking for something that has no name.

Your soul, unbound by time and space, is fashioned by its creator both for travel beyond the cosmos and infinite stillness.

But in this incarnation, you can learn where your soul has been and where it’s from.

Seek, and remember what you told yourself to forget.

Are you an Andromedan starseed?

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Andromeda is the name of both a constellation – a group of stars that form a pattern, picture, or outline – and a galaxy.

I think there is room for debate on the origin of Andromedan starseeds.

Are they from the Andromeda galaxy, or from stars in the constellation?

Or both?

The Andromeda galaxy, known as Messier 31 (M31), is one of the most distant objects in the night sky that is still visible to the naked eye.

It’s 2.2 million light-years from earth and twice the size of our own galaxy.

So, to say Andromedan starseeds are from the Andromeda galaxy is a bit… nebulous.

It’s like saying earthlings are from the Milky Way galaxy. Yes, but where in the Milky Way Galaxy?

Can we really ascribe traits to souls originating from an entire galaxy?

Let’s start by looking at the Andromeda constellation instead, and consider what humans have been saying about it for eons.

Knowing the signs

andromedan starseed markings

We have to give our ancestors credit sometimes.

They knew things.

They passed down knowledge, generation to generation, in written and oral form.

The names given to things on earth are significant since language as we know it is a gift from our source.

The earliest mentions of the Andromeda constellation come from ancient Babylonian astronomy, where it was seen as representing the goddess of fertility, called Anunitum, meaning “lady of the heavens.”

Strangely, the ancient Greek and Hindu legends surrounding the Andromeda constellation are similar, and involve a female figure in chains.

Hindu astrology called the constellation Antarmada. It was also known as Mulier Catenata in Latin, meaning “chained woman.”

In the Mesopotamian creation myth, Andromeda is also a vanquished female figure.

Things in this material plane are so named for a reason, and we are called to understanding by our creator.

The traits of an Andromedan starseed

andromedan starseed

The names given to both the Andromeda galaxy and constellation are indicative.

A very powerful – and almost political – message is being broadcast by the heavens.

And like all starseeds, Andromedan are here to relay that message and bring it to life.

Here are the three most prominent traits of an Andromedan starseed:

  • Freedom

Andromedan starseeds are obsessed with freedom. A soul-stirring kind of freedom that goes deeper than we understand.

The kind that abhors hierarchy, division, oppression – and maybe politics itself.

They’re here to bring us a freedom beyond politics.

You’ll find them obsessed with travel, many of them going where they want, when they want.

Their ties to friends and family are simultaneously loving and loose.

And they don’t just want to be free themselves, they want you to discover your true self by understanding that you’re already freer than you can fathom.

Andromedan starseeds don’t need to be tied to a job, and they love to freelance.

They pick up hobbies and drop them.

They have an almost innate distrust of government and institutions.

Conventions don’t appeal to them, including anything that claims to be exclusively masculine or feminine.

They’re the rebels and revolutionaries.

andromedan starseed mission
  • Healing energy

The heart-centredness of an Andromedan starseed gives off a powerful healing vibration.

Simply being in their presence can be a healing experience.

Many Andromedan starseeds tap into this energy and become holistic healers.

Yoga teachers, shamans, and reiki masters.

This is why you’ll find them most at ease in water or in nature, both of which are known today to heal the body and mind.

They love to walk outdoors, breathe in fresh air, and feel the sun on their face.

A dip in the ocean will do wonders.

They have an innate sense for the healing properties of water, whether hot, cold, salty or fresh.

Food matters to the Andromedan starseed.

You’ll find them experimenting with various eating regimens.

Ayurvedic diets.

Vegetarianism and veganism.

Eating organic.


Like the Andromeda galaxy itself, the light they give off shines so bright you’ll swear it’s visible to the naked eye.

andromedan characteristics
  • Anxiety

As you can already imagine, Andromedan starseeds are among the rarest types.

It is estimated by some sages and seers that only 1% of the starseeds on earth are Andromedan.

Something in their soul knows this, and it often manifests as a sense of aloneness in the world.

They may feel foreign and ill at ease.

It’s sometimes difficult to make friends when your beliefs, lifestyle, and even your fashion sense is unconventional and truly all your own.

This reality can feel heavy, like wading through molasses.

They are susceptible to becoming depressed and withdrawn. Some believe that their origin in the 12th dimension has something to do with it.

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The mission andromedan starseed mission

The otherworldly freedom-seeking and healing energy of an Andromedan starseed is precisely tuned to inspire, awaken, and transform.

They are here to expose the “laws of man,” norms, conventions, institutions, belief systems – everything.

See the world as an Andromedan starseed sees it, with childlike wonder.

Question everything.

Be amazed.

Behind their persona is a mission to fight evil in all its forms, and they seem especially eager to expose and ward off subversive and wicked otherworldly presences.

They won’t stand for a world where it’s kill or be killed, and winner takes all.

So don’t be fooled by the fashion.

They’re feisty.

The markings of an Andromedan Starseed andromedan soul

There are some misconceptions about starseeds when it comes to markings and birthmarks.

Generally speaking, however, birthmarks of some type – almost any type – can be a sign.

Some sages and seers claim these markings are placed there as a reminder to the incarnated being.

But unless a starseed knows their past lives, as some do, it is difficult to establish the exact reason why a birthmark looks the way it does, or why it is located where it is.

Otherwise, an indicator of an Andromedan Starseed is often their sense of style. Unconventional and quirky.

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Bottom Line andromedan starseed appearance

Bear patience as you seek answers to life’s biggest questions.

It is said that starseeds only discover their true nature after a predetermined trigger or “activation code” of some sort.

But since we are all incarnated souls, we all have an activation code.

Sometimes it is a sequence of events.

Sometimes it is a single act on this earth that sparks an awakening.

It could be almost anything.

Starseeds are certainly a gift to our world, but no more so than you.

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