11 Signs to Lookout for to Tell if Someone is a Heartless Person

What are some obvious signs that someone is cold-hearted?


Have you ever met someone, and you just instantly get that sense and that feeling that this person just comes across as a cold and heartless person?

Chances are that you instantly thought of at least a couple of people that you know that could fit that description of being cold and heartless.

It’s just one of those things that we just know inertly and instinctually, and if you were asked to pinpoint at least ten signs or characteristics of a heartless person, you could probably list them out easily enough, if not more.

What Defines a Person as Cold and Heartless?

Putting it simply, a cold or heartless person is someone who doesn’t let themselves connect with others on an emotional level.

This could be because they are afraid of human connection, or they legitimately just are not interested in developing emotional attachments with other people in any sense.

This article lists some of the signs and characteristics of cold and heartless people for you to look out for.

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Signs and Characteristics of Heartless People

1) They seem to have a superiority complex around other people. This is one of the easiest ways to spot someone who is possibly cold or heartless.

A cold person who doesn’t care to let people get close to them is likely to act higher and better than them.

Chances are, this person genuinely believes they are better and superior to you.

2) They are socially detached. It’s a lot easier to be cold at heart when you have no real social connections.

When these people show up at a social event, they rarely have anything substantial or meaningful to say or contribute because they are likely there just to check something off of their to-do list.

3) They don’t allow anyone to get close to them. Allowing someone to get close to you means that you are probably a warm-hearted person who enjoys connecting with others.

A cold-hearted person is the complete opposite of this. They don’t want anyone to even know what their middle name is, and if you ask them, they will most likely just give you a death glare.

4) They have difficulties empathizing with other people. Heartless people tend to not have this particular attribute that warm-hearted people do.

It can be incredibly frustrating when you are struggling with something, and you want to talk with someone to vent it out, but the person you are talking to and sharing with doesn’t seem to care about your struggles or understand why it’s so difficult or painful.

5) They tend to come across as being self-centered. This trait is incredibly obvious to pinpoint in someone because they refuse to help anyone for any reason other than if helping someone helps themselves in the process.

Heartless people will rarely do anything out of the goodness of their heart, everything they do is purely rooted in what they can get out of something for themselves regardless of others.

6) They rarely apologize or take the blame for something. This is another trait that should be obvious enough, but it can take some time before it becomes an obvious pattern of heartlessness in someone.

It doesn’t matter whether or not a heartless person is to blame for an incident or mistake, and they will always find someone else or something else to blame before they ever take the blame and responsibility for a mistake they did.


7) They easily interrupt others while talking. Have you ever been trying to have a decent and civil conversation with someone, but the other person seems to cut you off before you can even finish your sentences?

This is probably one of the more annoying traits of a cold and heartless person.

Because they are directly showing just how little they care about your opinion or anything you have to say when talking to them.

8) They like to be in control of every situation. In other words, they don’t play nice with other people regardless of the situation.

They rarely get along with the authority figures in their life, and if there is a group project to be done, they will gladly thumb their way into being in control of the entire project.

9) They are habitually distrustful of other people, even their closest friends. This goes perfectly after No. 8.

Heartless people are generally distrustful of everyone, and this is why they are hard to work for or work with. They are hard to be friends with because it can feel like you are trying to make friends with a brick wall.

10) They can be very manipulative. Because they are distrustful of people’s intentions and don’t allow people to connect with them emotionally, heartless people can be master experts at manipulation.

They have an almost natural sense of how to play people to believe or think whatever it is that the heartless person wants them to think and believe concerning them or others.

11) They are fair-weather friends. Meaning that they are usually only friends with people when it suits them, and it’s easy without any conditions that they might have to fulfill.

For example, if you suddenly found yourself without a job or a home and you went to this friend to help you get a new job or to crash on their couch for a while…

Chances are more than likely that they’ll leave you to sleep outside in your car rather than extend you some basic hospitality.

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So, How Should You Treat a Cold and Heartless Person?

The first and foremost thing to always keep in the back of your head is if you have a friend or coworker who is a heartless person, take everything they do or say with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Even if they might be someone you’ve known for decades, never expect them to reciprocate any type of authentic friendship that you might extend to them.

It’s best to keep them at an arm’s length, because that’s how they’ll treat you, and it’s the best way to keep yourself from potentially getting hurt by them.

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