Since its arrival in 2014 Asox9 was in hype for the last four years. At the very first glance it is the best sexual performance enhancer on the market, but after four years we are able to reveal all the information about Asox9 to help you to figure out is it so effective and how safe it is.

So, we offer you to check out everything we’ve learned about Asox9, without further ado.

What is Asox9?

Asox9 is a supplement that enhances your sexual performance. One of a few things that make Asox9 to stand out is that its manufacturers don’t promise something that their product won’t help you to achieve.

The majority of sexual enhancers hit the shelves with a promise to increase your penis size. Probably a lot of dreams would be broken right now, but those are false promises.

As of 2018, there is no dietary supplement that increases your penis size. Asox9 doesn’t promise to enlarge your penis, but it does promise to increase your libido and enhance your performance in bed.

Who Created Asox9?

Asox9 was created by Christopher Gordon. Christopher Gordon was suffering from sexual dysfunction, and being unable to find the pills that would fix this problem, he decided to create the pills like that.

This fact makes Asox9 a more trustworthy product for its customers. Even if this information is nothing more than a marketing tool, it really helped to make Asox9 one of the top-selling sexual enhancers on the market.

What Are The Ingredients of Asox9?

Most of the sexual enhancers would contain such ingredients as Dhea or Ginseng. Asox9, however, contains neither of them. So, what are the main ingredients of Asox9?

This sexual enhancer contains: Tongkat Ali extract – improves the sperm quality; L-Arginine – increases the blood flow to your penis; Maca extract – boosts your libido; Oyster extract – boosts testosterone. As you can see all the ingredients shows that promises of Asox9’s manufacturers are not false.

Sexual dysfunction is mostly connected with the low-libido, which depends on the level of testosterone. Asox9 solves those problems with Maca and Oyster extracts.

The blood flow to your penis provides you with the stiffness required for the successful performance in bed, which you can achieve with the help of L-Arginine.

Does Asox9 Have Side Effects?

As of 2018, no side effects of Asox9 have been revealed. Four years is quite a long period and we may assume that this sex enhancer indeed doesn’t have any side effects.

Is Asox9 Effective?

Four years have passed since the arrival of Asox9. There are almost no negative reviews on Asox9. The only complaints that we were able to find a concern that time when the desired effect is reached. It takes one customer a week to see that Asox9 does work, while it takes others a few weeks to see the result.

In the end, we can conclude that Asox9 is a trustworthy, safe and effective sexual enhancer that completely deserves its place among the top-selling supplements for sexual performance enhancement. Still, mind consulting your doctor before trying it.