This is the amazing Shabad by the Sikh master Guru Gobind Singh, who recited it in the Machhivara forest when the Master was separated from everyone.

He was the 10th master of the Sikh religion.

His teachings have inspired the Sikh community and others for generations.

He founded the Khalsa, the collective body of all initiated Sikhs responsible for all military, executive, and civil authority in the Sikh society, and formed the Five K’s of Sikhism which gives Sikhs their true religious identity.

Guru Gobind Singh named Guru Granth Sahib, the religious text of the Sikhs and the Khalsas, as the next Guru of the 2 communities.

The sacred Granth contains the spiritual teachings of the 10 Sikh Gurus and is considered the holy scripture of the Sikhs. Sikh followers give it the same status and respect as a human Guru.

Guru Gobind Singh left his physical body on October 7, 1708.

Mittar Pyare Nu Haal Mureedan Da Kehna Shabad lyrics and meaning:

Mitar piyaare nu, haal murida da kehna.
Convey to the dear friend, the condition of the disciples.

Tudh bin rog rajaiya da odhan,  nag nivasa de rehna
Without thee, even sleeping under a quilt is like a disease and like like living in a house amongst snakes.

Mool surahi khanjar piyala, big kasaiya da sehna.
The flask is like a spike, the cup is like a dagger, and is like enduring the chopper of the butchers.

Yaardde da mannuu sudhar changa bhuth khadiya da rehna.
The pallet of the most beloved friend is most pleasing and all the worldly pleasures are like a furnace.